1. Bigdog

    UltraSeven X English Pilot ?

    The Link I'm not sure whether this is a fandub or not but if this is any way how the show really is , I will love it .
  2. nerefir

    Kinect Transforms You A Hero – Ultra Seven

    From http://asiajin.com/blog/2011/01/05/kinect-transforms-you-a-hero-ultra-seven/ YouTube - Kinect?????????????
  3. Gojira87

    Ultraseven DVDs?

    I was wondering... are there any Ultraseven DVDs (the original 1967 series) with English subtitles? I thought there might be some HK-subbed DVDs around but it's been incredibly difficult tracking them down. Also, why hasn't BCI subbed Ultraseven yet? Lack of demand? Tsuburaya Pro demanding too...