1. ShadeNightwolf

    Shade Nightwolf's Trade Thread

    Hey guys! Shade Nightwolf here. I am interested in trading some items for some items that I am looking for. What I have to trade: A complete set of 1994 Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger playing cards. There is also a start of another set mixed into the complete set. Power Rangers Wild Force...
  2. Ryuga_knight

    ooo Kujaku and Condor cores

    They can Be DX or Gashapon, or even candytoys, but they must have the die cast rims. ALSO LOOKING FOR OOO SCANNER! PM me if you want to make an offer: Things for trade: Gashapon Dragon ranger Key (Un-assembled) Resident evil, Mmbrella and Dark side Chronicles (Wii) Glitter stickers (labels)...