1. Toku Prime

    BoA no longer producing Power Ranger toys?!

    Saban Brands and Bandai of America have released a joint statement today: "After a successful 25-year partnership building the iconic action franchise, Power Rangers, Saban Brands and Bandai have mutually agreed not to renew their global Power Rangers master toy license agreement, effective...
  2. Toku Prime

    Power Rangers Toy News

    Apologies if there's already a thread just like this; I did try the search and couldn't find anything similar. Toy news isn't normally within my wheelhouse but I stumbled across this fresh youtube video and thought I'd share it here as it reveals the Ninja Steel Gold Ranger's morpher (will it...
  3. M

    Toys Maintainance.

    I'm not sure that is the correct section for the thread, but as my collection of DX toys get bigger and older, I was thinking of how I should properly maintain the toys but also the toys and instructions( I'm trying to keep everything in near mint condition. So, let's all share our secrets...
  4. F

    Sengoku Driver on plane?

    Hey guys, I just have a quick question that I have been kinda mulling over. Do you think it would be okay to take the DX Sengoku Driver on an air-plane and through customs? I'm not talking about wearing or using the thing during that time that would just be crazy. But just having the thing in a...
  5. RiderScoutJordan

    Revoltech Thread V3:IT'S ALIVE!!!!!

    Given the fact that the second Revoltech thread hasn't been active for months, I've decided to make a new one. Hope you guys don't mind. First of, to celebrate their eighth year of existence, they've decided to rerelease some of their figures under the title Legacy of Revoltech. Among them...
  6. ShimonTheNerd

    Toku Toy Stores around Seattle

    Does anyone know of any stores that have Toku toys? I know that Kinokuniya Bookstore occasionally has some Kamen Rider Figuarts or some type of small collectible, but they mostly just have anime books and figures. Uwajimaya had some Candy Toy Zyudenchi and Wizard Rings, but that was only...
  7. Furanky

    Toku toys for sale. (Reposted in proper place. Sorry!)

    Sorry guys. I posted this in the toy thread and someone pointed out that this should be in this thread and it really should. I fell really really dumb for not seeing this one at first. So apologies for the trouble. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey...
  8. Furanky

    Toku toys for sale.

    Hey Guys, I have some toku toys for sale if any of you guys are interested. Though leave it to me to completly forget my account info from before and an old email so it is what it is. These are the things I have for sale. SH Figuarts - Kamen Rider W Fang Joker...
  9. A


    I have listed a ton of my Japanese imported Ultraman toys on my eBay page. Unfortunately, I am only shipping within the U.S., as international shipping is very costly for me. All of the toys have the original packaging/tags...
  10. RiderScoutJordan

    Dream Figures (aka Toys You Know Will Never Be Produced)

    Title says it all, really. Just say what toy you dream of having but will probably never be produced. Don't limit yourself to just tokusatsu and anime. Really aim for the sky with this one. You can also divide your choices up from impossible to probable (but not likely). Now, given my utter...
  11. Kachi-Jin

    [SELLING] Kachi-Jin's Sale (Sentai/Kamen Rider/PR/Sazer)

    Please excuse the wrong username in the images. I am also selling these as "HydroFlyer2.0" over at RangerBoard. Shipping must be included in transaction. $10 to U.S. and $25 to overseas. I cannot hold items at this time. As soon as an item is sold, it will be removed from the list. Prices are...
  12. T

    Or Sale: Rider Sentai Ranger Pony +More Want Saber+W+More

    Hello All. My apartment is getting full, so I figured I"d try to part with a few things from my "acquired but not necessarily collecting" pile and the "no longer want" pile, and maybe get some cash or items I actually want. I'm in the USA, but will ship worldwide. If you want a shipping...
  13. RiderScoutJordan

    Figure Lines And Franchises That Would Go Perfectly Together

    Here's where you can think of franchises and toy lines that would be perfect fit together. Say whichever toy line and franchise you want. No limits. Just List toyline first and franchise second. Who knows, maybe the companies will come across the ideas. (And maybe monkeys can fly out of my...
  14. T

    Selling And Trading Lots of Items

    Hello. It's that time again. trying to clear out my house so I can walk, so I'll be putting stuff up. Feel free to make offers, as I rarely know what to start prices at, so it might take a bit to get any posted.. I have a wants list, but since I am trying to make space cash/paypal offers are...
  15. Mega Bloks

    Mega Bloks Power Rangers Samurai -- Official Thread

    Hey everyone. I think this kind of topic is kosher but if there's a problem, I'd be happy to hear from one of the mods here so we can make things cool. :sweat: My name is Brad and I work at Mega Bloks in Montreal, Canada as a community manager. I'm also the resident tokusatsu fan, with a soft...
  16. J

    Looking for Battle Hopper for $50 to $70

    Hi. Not sure if anyone can help me with this, But I'm looking for a 1/12 scale Battle Hopper for prices not extraordinarily hiked up. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Igadevil

    S.H.Figuarts Thread: G4!

    And here we go (again.)
  18. zero26

    Zero26's Super Awesome Sale Thread with more to come!

    Zero26's Sale Thread-Updated with Free Ganbaride Card Offer Hello guys! Since I need to make some cash to buy stuff, I'm going to sell some other! Prices do not include shipping and only shipping to US as off right now:disappoin If these things are still on here it means I haven't sold it...
  19. Adventknight

    I'm in college now,

    and everyone on campus has to use a PO Box. I was wondering if ToysNJoys will send me my stuff if I buy from them? I'm Just tired of having stuff mailed to my parents and having to drive to get it, considering they live an hour away. If not what sites do. Because some sites don't mail to PO...