1. RiderScoutJordan

    Tokusatsu/Comic Books Crossovers You'd Want To See

    Exactly what is says on the tin. just talk about series,heroes and villains you'd want to see crossover with each other.For me, I'd love to see the Green Lanterns fight alongside the Space Sheriffs. Two space cop divisions fighting against whatever evil is threatening the universe. Hal...
  2. LaZerwolfX

    [SELLING] Shirts by LaZerwolfX WAVE 2!!!

    Because for some reason I still get people doubting my design skills on here I've decided to create a bunch of new shirt designs. As with last time all of these were created from scratch, so I hope you guys like them.:thumbs:PS: Don't forget all of these are available in multiple colors...
  3. Grimmhelm


    i just started up this podcast due to to the encouragement of my friends who are tiered of my toku ramblings.Toku-strike is a podcast about tokusatso and general geekery and as of the creation of this post will be updating twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) though two episodes are already up...
  4. RiderScoutJordan

    A Brief Rant: Hey Toei!

    ---- Rant BeginDearest Toei Company,Just bring back the Metal Heroes, already! We all know you want to. Why else would you design Kamen Rider Birth like this:No Metal Heroes here. Not at all.... and make this movie..."What relation do you have to Super Sentai?" "Just shut up and...
  5. musashi03

    Help from Singaporean Toku fans!

    Hi guys! I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow evening to document the Adidas King of the Road Singapore eliminations this Sunday since I'm a half-marathon runner, so I'd like to take advantage of the opportunity while I'm there to indulge on Toku merchandise. So far, my friends from Singapore did...
  6. drpepper

    TOKU! The Musical! - lets write it! (part deax)

    ok toku/musical lovers, ive decided to make the ultimate fan wank...Toku!: the musical...but as apposed to me writing it myself, we as the community write it!so here is how it works.this week we make a character list. it can be from any toku (usa or japan)all suggestions are welcome =)...