1. Toku Prime


    Deep below the ground, an ancient and terrible creature slumbers. Only the most powerful of psychics can pierce the veils of it's mind to see the secrets within. But when the trademark bot stirs, it reveals a glimpse of the future to it's most fervent disciples.You know the deal by now. We...
  2. Toku Prime

    'Marvel 616' Documentary Includes Toei's Spider-Man

    From November 20th, Disney+ will begin streaming a new 8-part documentary series called 'Marvel 616'. In addition to the main trailer, they have also released a clip of an interview with the CEO of Japan Action Enterprise, Osamu Kaneda, discussing his work back in the day as stunt co-ordinator...
  3. D

    Who here has had Toei ban their youtube content?

    Hey All,So I've just had TOEI take down one of my Sentai reviews on youtube and I was wondering if anyone has, or knows of anyone who's sucessfully been able to get their videos reinstated.I know they've been on the warpath with fandubs and full episodes but the video on question only...
  4. RiderScoutJordan

    Foundation X Really Needs To Come Out Of The Shadows

    Ever since they're introduction at the tail end of Kamen Rider W's run, I've been waiting for Foundation X to become a major force in the Rider universe. Ever since then, their only major actions have been in Movie War MEGAMAX. Other than that, the TV shows have only paid lip service to the...
  5. RiderScoutJordan

    A Brief Rant: Hey Toei!

    ---- Rant BeginDearest Toei Company,Just bring back the Metal Heroes, already! We all know you want to. Why else would you design Kamen Rider Birth like this:No Metal Heroes here. Not at all.... and make this movie..."What relation do you have to Super Sentai?" "Just shut up and...