1. TJOmega

    Plastic Addict: #1 Worst Transformer

    Plastic Addict 30: #1 Worst Transformer - YouTube
  2. TJOmega

    TJ TV - Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad

    Reviewing Power Ranger's most infamous (non-Saban) knock off! http://tjomega.blogspot.com/2012/03/tj-tv-superhuman-samurai-syber-squad.html
  3. TJOmega

    TJ's 2012 Sales! TFs, Switches, Minicons, Figuarts, Crossovers, much more!

    Time for another sales list. Clearing out some redundancies in my collection and trying to build up some funds for Hercules in the process. Everything listed is loose and in excellent condition with all accessories and instructions unless otherwise noted, just in case I'll double check before...
  4. TJOmega

    DX Medagaburyu Review

    DX Medagaburyu (OOO Role-Play Review) - YouTube
  5. TJOmega

    TJ TV - Transformers G1

    Figured this was relevant enough to post here. My cartoon review series celebrates episode 20 with the original G1 Transformers! http://tjomega.blogspot.com/2011/10/tj-tv-transformers-g1.html
  6. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: SRC Shinkenoh

    YouTube - TJ Reviews: Super Robot Chogokin Shinkenoh
  7. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: Invisible Mirage

    YouTube - TJ Reviews: United Invisible Mirage
  8. TJOmega

    Medajalibur: OOO Role-Play Review

    YouTube - Medajalibur: OOO Role-Play Review
  9. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: Animated Rodimus (Takara-Tomy)

    Hey, I review Transformers, too! YouTube - TJ Reviews: Animated Rodimus (Takara-Tomy)
  10. TJOmega

    TJ TV - Top 10 WTF Moments in Kamen Rider

    Alright guys, some of you have seen this series of mine for reviewing old cartoons, but I love the new stuff, too! So to cover my current favorite, Kamen Rider, I decided something different was in order. Presenting my picks for the Top 10 WTF Moments in Kamen Rider...
  11. TJOmega

    Plastic ADdict 21: Retrax

    Well, I dont normally post my Transformer reviews here, but this one's a special occasion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4TJRqWklXY