1. cloud_clone

    Do You Think Sephiroth Was Evil?

    I for a long time believed that Sephiroth was one of the victims in the game and that Jenova was the cause of all his actions. There are several theories and arguments made that point to Sephiroth being just a man with a broken mind. I believed that till I read an article from the site FF7...
  2. RiderScoutJordan

    My Theory On Power Rangers' Endurance

    I recently wrote an article on my memories of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. In said article, I posited that there were two factors in the franchise's endurance: 1. Unwavering optimism in people. 2. The multicultural cast. Both factors have been present since MMPR's inception. In pretty much...
  3. Papercut

    Could Gokaiger be set in the world of the Sentai VS. movies?

    Think about it. In those movies, we're to assume all the sentai co-exist in one world. This makes it an alternate universe. The events of the VS. movies sometimes do not fit within the regular universe -see, the Go-Ongers learning to use Engine Ken. This is proven on more than one occasion...