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  1. Kevthepanda

    SHF: Kamen Rider Rising Ixa

    Released as part of the Tamashii Web Exclusive line you’d love to hate, Rising Ixa is more or less a repaint of the original Ixa with new sculpts created for the head and the upper body. Most of the other parts, including the weapons, were simply re-moulded due to similarities in the original...
  2. Kevthepanda

    SHF: Another Agito

    Another Agito may not be a recent Figuart release, but with its February re-issue still minty fresh, let’s take a dive and see why it’s secured a seat in most people’s recent brown box of delights. This is a big thing to say up front, but Another Agito, is probably a near perfect SH...
  3. Kevthepanda

    SHF Kamen Rider W: Our bi-polar inmate

    After months of discussing what colour his joints are going to be, the much awaited Kikaider wannabe is finally in town. Having heard numerous complaints of QC issues, but not having actually seen anything serious, I wasn't very concerned about mine. After all, SH Figuarts is one of Bandai's...
  4. Kevthepanda

    S.H.Figuarts - Super Saiyan Son Gokou

    Note: Insomniac is the name I use on another forum by the way, it's too much trouble to create a different watermark for all the photos. So, we're up to the 2nd release from the Dragonball SHF line. And it is a character that needs no introduction, Super Saiyan Son Gokou! It looks like they...