1. AoiUnmei

    Sakuracon 2014 Toku Events

    Just wanted to shout out that there will be some toku related events at Seattle's annual Japanese Culture and Anime convention, Sakuracon 2014. The convention will be held from 4/18 to 4/20 at the Seattle Convention Center. There will be two panels dedicated to tokusatsu on Saturday located in...
  2. ShimonTheNerd

    Toku Toy Stores around Seattle

    Does anyone know of any stores that have Toku toys? I know that Kinokuniya Bookstore occasionally has some Kamen Rider Figuarts or some type of small collectible, but they mostly just have anime books and figures. Uwajimaya had some Candy Toy Zyudenchi and Wizard Rings, but that was only...
  3. AoiUnmei

    Seattle Toku Weekend

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to shout out to all those in the Greater Seattle Area that some of us have started a closed facebook group to gather toku fans of the great Northwest for IRL hang outs. We want people to meet, hang out, talk toku, and just have a good time among other fans. If there...