1. Kachi-Jin

    [SELLING] Kachi-Jin's Sale (Sentai/Kamen Rider/PR/Sazer)

    Please excuse the wrong username in the images. I am also selling these as "HydroFlyer2.0" over at RangerBoard. Shipping must be included in transaction. $10 to U.S. and $25 to overseas. I cannot hold items at this time. As soon as an item is sold, it will be removed from the list. Prices are...
  2. Madrox42

    Go-Buster Oh Mini Pla Set/Rider/Sentai/Pokemon Goods

    Hey there folks, selling a few sets of the Go-Busters Mini Plas. And some other random sentai, rider, and pokemon goods. Send me a pm and we'll do some business.Looking for a few things: Gokaiger DX Gokai Cellular Gokaiger DX Key Set Kamen Rider OOO Gokaiger DX Key Set Hurricaneger Gokaiger...
  3. Madrox42

    Madrox 42's Sale

    Hi there, new to the Henshin Justice Boards and an avid collector and seller of fine figures and toys of all kinds. I've been getting more into Kamen Rider and Super Sentai as of late and am looking to buy and sell. All items are priced with shipping included (US shipping, ask for outside of...
  4. zero26

    New Zero's Sale Therad

    NEED TO SELL ASAP so prices lowered! Hello guys! I need to sell some things so I'm just putting them up here. I use USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate :) If an item is still here then it means I haven't sold it! Accepting Trades for Figuarts, Memories, or Medals... Also sorry for some of the stocks...
  5. K

    kickman's sell-abration (TF's,PR,KR,many others)

    hey everybody of HJU,bills are killer so i figured i'd sell some of my remaining collection. feel free to haggle and PM me. prices are not set in stone. my feedback can be found on TFW2005, on there im Autobotblaster. my feedback is .here...