1. D

    Why You Should Watch: Power Rangers RPM

    Hey All. I wanted to share my latest video with you all on Power Rangers RPM. It's generally aimed at people who aren't versed in Ranger and Toku lore but there should be plenty to watch and entertain still as I've packed every badass and joke scene into the video as I could think of. I'm...
  2. Power Sentai Rider

    RPM Megazords

    I am currently looking for Mach and Paleomax Megazord. I looked on all sites even Ebay. I have no luck on finding one or getting on for a decent price. I need help. First time, starting up a collection. If you know anyone who is selling or thinking of selling, let me know.
  3. Adventknight

    What if they continued with Rpm...

    I personally thought that the series was good, and the ending was incomplete because it showed that venjix was inside the red morpher. So if Saban continued with Rpm instead of Samurai?