1. Keriasmadness

    [BUYING] (Buying) Wizard Rings and stuff!

    Looking to buy the Following Wizard Items. ~Candy Toy/DX Rings~ Hurricane Land Engage Dragorise Time Defend Copy Bind DX Set 1 or 4 ~DX Items~ Ring Holder/Belt Loop Plamonsters Garuda, Pegasus, Kraken, Cerberus, Gryphon and Golem (not sure Golem is out yet) Wizard Gun/Sword
  2. O

    how many rings does wizard have

    does wizard only have 25 rings or will it be much more to perform his magic? if i go after the wizardriver along with the ring sets and whatever other sets the rings are split up with, will it be only that many rings for the entire line or will there be more? and will final style be accessed...