1. J

    Complete Selection Belts

    I know this is probably a long shot at this point, but here it goes... I am trying to get my hands on ANY Kamen Rider Complete Selections belts including Den-O, Ruyki, Ichigo, Orga, and Faiz. I know that they have become VERY rare [I still see them all over the Mandarake shops in Japan though]...
  2. shingamyeonblack

    Is it too late for a new cyborg Rider?

    I've been thinking that Toei is going into this realm of strange. There are more "mystic" and now "magic" elements to Kamen Rider. There even is a Kamen Rider suit in space. Would a cyborg be accepted as a Kamen Rider now? Toei has been using customizable belts (as in you can put all sorts of...
  3. SunGreen

    Kamen Rider art V-Logs.

    Hey everyone! So I just started making these weird Art V-Log things on a whim as is explained in the first video of them. The first couple are a little shaky with both Audio an Camera work because I have not exactly got into the the grove of how I quite want to do this. Mostaly just problems...
  4. LaZerwolfX

    Kamen Rider iPhone Cases by KidsLogic

    So on www.angolz.com there is a company that have designed and will soon be releasing Kamen Rider iPhone Cases! They're really nicely detailed and have an embossed effect for the center of the belts. Best part is, they're only $24 shipped to the states by AirMail. I just Pre-Ordered the Kamen...
  5. Grimmhelm

    S.H.FIGUARTS shocker rider and joker memory

    i know that shocker rider from The NEXT was on sale for months and months...and then it vanished as i got the money to finally buy it. so its become my holy grail, im not really interested in classic shocker rider. im also after a joker memory, i don't even mind if its not T2 i just want a...
  6. Tokufriends

    Masked Rider Black DX Kingstone TV Power

    Masked Rider Black ...
  7. V

    Fan-Made Kamen Rider Exchange

    This is a thread that Artists/Writers can post there Rider Ideas, give advice; ask others can offer to take the others rider ideas as request. Here are my rider ideas: Ryuki-based Riders Lynx Rider Bobcat Rider Komodo Dragon Rider Liopleurodon Rider Electric Eel Rider Yeti Rider Archer Fish...
  8. LaZerwolfX

    Foundation X & Continuity in Kamen Rider?

    So in this fan base i notice a trend of people claiming that there is continuity in the newer kamen rider series from W onward. I have also found that any time i question the legitimacy of this "continuity" people get incredibly defensive and I don't understand why. Honestly, i think that the...
  9. Q

    Qoo's Selling Thread - Kamen Rider, Anime, Cards, and Random Stuffs

    What's Up For Sale: US Buyer only. Accept Paypal Only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate Brand New - 25.00 USD Shipped...
  10. K

    What makes a Kamen Rider?

    Let's try and start a debate here What Makes A Kamen Rider Response - YouTube
  11. firestarter1331

    FMCS Kamen Rider Meteor and Meteor Star

    Toy Review: FMCS Kamen Rider Meteor and Meteor Star - YouTube
  12. MrCoffeeAddict

    Soul Calibur V Kamen Riders

    Wasn't sure where to put this thread, but this place seemed the most appropriate. For those you who are fans of the Soul series, the latest entry has an awesome amount of stuff you can do in the character creation. Here's the Kamen Riders I've created. Kabuto Sasword Gattack Femme...
  13. Deadpool.

    SHfiguarts Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster

    Deadpool's Collection: SHfiguarts Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form
  14. K

    The themes that should be used for 2012/2013/2014 rider

    The themes that should be used for future KR seasons You know since the kamen rider show will come in about september 2012 i am going to says some new themes for what should be for a new kamen rider theme 1)martial arts/kung fu style dragon theme:The theme will probably be about a kamen...
  15. MrCoffeeAddict

    Which Rider Are You?

    Because I was really bored, I decided to make a chart of the Rider types from the Let's Go Kamen Riders net movies. Based on your zodiac sign and blood type, what Rider are you? I'm Sasword. Now where's my LA-MEN?
  16. K

    I made a fan art of kamen rider (40 years) and superhero taisen

    Hey guys its me,since superhero taisen is coming soon I thought i create two fan arts 1.is about the 2 riders in manga/anime form (ie-hongo in ishinomori style and gentaro in some manga/anime design style (ifthere is a official fourze manga edition in tv-kun magazine (not the doujinshi ones))...
  17. LaZerwolfX


    ok so while casually shuffling through the interwebs i stumbled across these figures. S.I.C.s, figmas, and figuarts have just never held my interest (im not saying that they are bad, im just not that into collecting figures) but while im not too big on traditional figures, i have a big...
  18. K

    The meaning of kamen rider symbols ZO and fourze

    The symbol of kamen rider ZO is "ZO" because ZO represents 20 which it is the 20th anniversary of kamen rider.And If you look closely at the hand holding a switch in kamen rider fourze fourze logo: It is considered the symbol of fourze ,But i think i know the meaning of the fist holding a...
  19. musashi03

    GHOST RIDER: Spirit of Vengeance (2012 Release)

    As Johnny Blaze hides out in Eastern Europe, he is called upon to stop the devil, who is trying to take human form. Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider (Nicolas Cage), is hiding out in remote Eastern Europe and struggling to repress his curse. Blaze is recruited by a sect to take on the devil, who...
  20. Kevthepanda

    SHF: Shadow Moon: Gorgum's Century King

    The winner of last year’s Tamashii Nations’ “Most Wanted†poll, and one of my most anticipated releases of 2011, we’re going to have a look at S.H. Figuarts’ “Shadow Moonâ€. Known to most as the main antagonist from Kamen Rider BLACK and Kamen Rider BLACK RX (1987-1989). Shadow...