rider kick

  1. nerefir

    Chinese woman singing Let's Go!! Rider Kick

    YouTube - ????Let's Go! Rider Kick! (Kamen Rider?????1975?)-??? Chinese version YouTube - ????Let's Go! Rider Kick! (Kamen Rider ??????1975?)-?? Hey, at least there's no rap at the beginning.
  2. SuperFireDagwon

    SH Figuarts book available at Hobby Search and Decade Rider Kick Cards/Stands ?

    Hi all! A few weeks ago I was trying to find the new SH Figuarts book but wasn't having any luck. Hobby Search was sold out but I put myself on the waiting list. However, thanks to ShukuenShinobi at YouTube he found one left online at AmiAmi and I grabbed their last one. BUT....I got a...