1. Horatio

    SH Figuarts Ankh Review

    YouTube - SH Figuarts Unkh Review
  2. Horatio

    Ultraman Belial Ultra Act Review
  3. Horatio

    V-Log: My Collections
  4. Horatio

    Horatio reviews Botcon Exclusive Elita-1 for watching guys!
  5. Horatio

    SH Figuarts Ichigo, Nigo, and V3

    YouTube - SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo (the First)YouTube - SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Nigo (the First ver) ReviewYouTube - SH Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 (the Next ver) Review
  6. firestarter1331

    DX Toravendor

    My review of the DX Toravendor.I thought I was wasting money to get this bike. I thought my DX Beat Chaser would be my last. I'm glad I made this decision because at first I thought nah it wouldn't be epic. But alas I gave in. There's a good reason anyway why I splurged just a little bit...
  7. Horatio

    ACTUALLY Kamen Rider W DX Lost Driver Review

    Sorry guys. I just realized I titled my Skull Magnum review wrong, I was rushing before work. Here is the ACTUAL Lost Driver Review.YouTube - Kamen Rider W DX Lost Driver Review
  8. Horatio

    Kamen Rider W Lost Driver

    YouTube - Kamen Rider W Skull Magnum ReviewThanks for watching guys! <3
  9. Horatio

    Jusco Exclusive Cyclone Memory

    YouTube - Jusco Exclusive Cyclone Memory Review
  10. Horatio

    Hidari Shotaro and Philip Chibi-Arts Figures (And Banpresto Fuuto-Kun Keychain)

    YouTube - Hidari Shotaro Chibi-Arts ReviewYouTube - Philip Chibi-Arts ReviewAnd I forgot to post this guy when I uploaded him yesterday, but he's a cute little thing that I don't see too often. :3YouTube - Banpresto Fuuto-Kun Keychain ReviewThanks for watching guys...
  11. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: Triple Change Belt vol3

    YouTube - TJ Reviews: Triple Change Henshin Belt Volume 3
  12. J

    Ultraman Original TV Series

    Review of the Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) television show "Ultraman" (1967) created by Tsuburaya Productions. Reviewed by The RPG Fanatic. So what I have here is a review for the original Ultraman TV show. I'm not a super diehard fan of Ultraman but I hope this short video gives people...
  13. TJOmega

    Bat Shot: Double Role-Play (Part 4)

    Part 4 of the three part series!
  14. Vangelus

    Vangelus Review 105 - SIC Kamen Rider Zeronos & Deneb Imagin wish I could tell you why there's a hum in the opening seconds. D: Doesn't exist in my working files.Zeronos and Deneb came to me from here:
  15. TJOmega

    TJ TV - Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

    Yes, I have done it. I reviewed the worst Power Rangers knockoff there is!
  16. TJOmega

    Metal Shaft and Trigger Magnum - Double Role-Play Toys Part 2 up... Gadgets!
  17. TJOmega

    DX Double Driver: Role-Play Review Part 1

    The first of three reviews focusing on Double's role-play series of toys. Naturally, the belt comes first. The rest follow in the next few days.
  18. Vangelus

    Vangelus Review 76 - Robot Damashii Arios Gundam transforming Robot Damashii reminds Vangelus of a creamsicle.If you want to buy one, you can get one here:
  19. Vangelus

    Vangelus Review 74 - VF100's VF-25F Alto Messiah Custom are partsformation montages!If you go to the video's youtube page, there's also a clickable chapter list. :DAlso, if you do want to get one, HLJ has them here:
  20. TJOmega

    IXA Calibur and Tatsulot Brace - TJ's Rehab 09

    Featuring for the first time EVER, english translation for Tatsulot's phrases!