1. Des Shinta

    "Black RX: After 0"; Looking for details

    Soo~o Hello Henshin Justice. I'm doing a review of Kamen Rider Black RX, And I'm trying to track down information (Scans/Details/Synopsis) of the "after 0" Sidestory posited in the SIC Hero Saga books. It's relating to the Treatment of Shadow Moon's Character after the events of the series...
  2. syer1001

    Anyone who takes pixel request?

    I had posted my fanfics at FanFiction.net. Right now, i am drawing my own characters' suits. i wish i could create pixels for the drawing, but right now i am having a problem with my computer. i can only use 1/3 of the screen. how can i use illustartor with that kind of condition? So, i really...