1. TokuPrime

    Discotek Releasing Hurricane Polymar Live Action Film

    Discotek have announced that they will be bringing to America the live action film adaptation of the anime Hurricane Polymar. The film was directed by toku veteran Koichi Sakamoto and featured Yuki Yamada (Gokai Blue) and Miki Hara (Cutie Honey The Live, Inga Blink from the Fourze movie). The...
  2. cmoneyspinner

    Healer | K-Drama | Don't Mess With the Baby Bears

    <p>There are 3 main characters in this exciting series.</p> .
  3. Toku Prime

    'Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever' Gets US Release

    The TokuSHOUTsu twitter account has announced that the movie 'Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever' will officially be available to stream online in the United States starting in July. Currently this is just the movie, and not Zi-O, Build or any of the other Heisei Rider series.
  4. Toku Prime

    Ganbareiwa!! Robocon

    So here's a bit of a strange one. Back on April Fools Day, Toei announced that they were going to make a new movie based upon 'Robocon.' They even had a quote from the producer of Zi-O, Shinichiro Shirakura, saying "Kamen Rider Zero-One, which depicts the world of working robots, was a stepping...
  5. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager,, Episode ZERO

    This seems like the most appropriate image, given that I'm posting this on International Womens' Day For the first time ever, we begin a Sentai with a movie! I suppose it was the logical extension to all those sneak-preview scenes in previous crossover films. So...a king is eaten alive by...
  6. Toku Prime

    Shin Ultraman

    Well, I thought I'd already made this. Oops. Nearly three weeks late. Never mind. Tsuburaya have announced that they are going to create a big-budget movie adaptation of the original Ultraman TV series called Shin Ultraman. They have recruited Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, the duo that...
  7. Toku Prime

    GARO: Kami no Kiba (the movie)

    So, OverTime snuck a sub of this film out last week, just in time for the new TV series which begins this Thursday. It's a movie of many things; A warm-up for Jinga's solo TV show, a sequel to Gold Storm, a culmination of all Ryuga's adventures so far, the first time Ryuga himself has...
  8. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final

    So the subs for this movie have started to be released and the immediate reaction I'm seeing on social media is that it's actually surprisingly good. Toei managed to do a crossover movie that actually has a coherent plot and has returning characters that contribute instead of just being more...
  9. N

    Final Fantasy Live Action

    There's a lot of Final Fantasy animated movie series and games that have been made over the years.So, Is it possible to do a live-action movie?
  10. mildredtabitha

    The Signal

    Have you watched this 2 hour movie yet? You better don't miss it. It is a science fiction movie. I don't want to spoil the fun by giving details but it is the best out here. I have been asking some online friends if they have ever watched but they all said no. So I am leaving this one here. I...
  11. supernatural

    How often do you go to movie theaters?

    To be frank I have not been to theaters for quite long now. This is mainly because of busy life and work schedule. So I prefer watching it on my laptop. In laptop we can see the movies at our own convenience. We can pause and play it whenever we like. For watching movies in a theater we...
  12. SquidKing

    Anybody see Surprise Future yet?

    I wanna talk about it, but I have no outlet!
  13. K

    Speculative Predictable plots for Superhero taisen GP:Kamen rider 3

    With Superhero taisen GP: Kamen rider 3 on March 21st, 2015 I decided to tell you the speculative plots on how this movie goes The movie will begin at the end of the final episode of the original kamen rider (1971) with the defeat of gel-shocker and the great leader by the original double...
  14. K

    Fan art of Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters

    Hey guys check out my fan art of Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters which will be coming on January 18th 2014:http://joey2132132.deviantart.com/art/Kyoryuger-vs-Go-Busters-fan-art-425767363?ga_submit_new=10%253A1389280791
  15. uaguruma sou

    Owari Out, Cho Den-O Trilogy IN!

    Apparently, there is a 5th Den-O movie, with Sato Takeru once again reprising his role as Nogami Ryotaro, Yuichi Nakamura & Sakurada Dori will also be appearing as well, let's keep our finger crossed. :thumbs:
  16. arnoldmcguire335

    Hannah Montana: The Movie - Talkback

    Well, don't ask me if I watched it. but I might. talk about it here. (WARNING: no hate comments, just clean commentary)