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  1. zeronxepher

    Robo Morpher Review - Power Rangers MegaForce

    Quick review of the Robo Morpher. Short, funny and OMNOMNOMNOMNOM! Robo Morpher Review - Power Rangers MegaForce - YouTube
  2. zeronxepher

    Deluxe Gosei Morpher Review

    HAW YEAH! NEW REVIEW! Deluxe Gosei Morpher Review - Power Rangers MegaForce - YouTube Note: Best viewed in HD
  3. ShadeNightwolf

    Shade Nightwolf's Trade Thread

    Hey guys! Shade Nightwolf here. I am interested in trading some items for some items that I am looking for. What I have to trade: A complete set of 1994 Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger playing cards. There is also a start of another set mixed into the complete set. Power Rangers Wild Force...
  4. LaZerwolfX


    Hey guys, so I've had a power morpher for years now and the batteries have finally died. *the horror!* This wouldn't be an issue except that the screws on the back are all but stripped. The "teeth" of the morpher have a gap in them that; because of the screws, i am also unable to "tune up"...
  5. T

    or Selling NISB Power Morpher Gun/Sword

    Hello this is my NISB Power Morpher Gun/Sword. For trades I'm looking for gokai gun, gokai saber, and mobirates. For cash I'm looking at $170 shipped to the US.
  6. T

    MISB Power Morpher Gun/Sword

    Hey I'm looking to trade this for some gokaiger items, really I'm looking for a gokai saber, gokai gun, and dx mobirates for this but am open to any offers :) I'm trying to get this done soon because I'm leaving on a trip in a few days :castlerock:
  7. K

    Aniki Green Ranger helmet and Power Morpher with BoA Coins

    Gold Power morpher replica and extras for sale SOLD