1. MetaRidleyX

    One set of Gozyujin Mini-pla candy toys

    Hello, I ordered a box of gozyujin from amiami and would love to send my final spare set to you. It is three candy toy boxes, that you have to build yourself, they come with stickers if you don't want to paint them. Price: $16 shipped as long as you are in the states, will charge more for...
  2. Tenraisenpuujin

    Mini-Pla/Model Kit Shinken-Oh & Gosei Great, Black Versions

    I apologize for some of the pics, my camera has just not been cooperating at all. But here are my latest paintjobs: KuroOrigami in emblem mode KuroOrigami in animal mode KuroShinkenOh! Black GoseiMachines Gosei Great Black Version The high kick test: passed Shinkenger vs. Goseiger...
  3. Vangelus

    V-Build 01 - Minipla Gosei Great

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNeRu5Zh5Os This is a test run of a new type of content I want to do on my Youtube channel. Any subsequent ones should have much better lighting and sound. :D Not sure if this is more appropriate for Fan Reviews or a different subforum, if it needs to be moved...