metal hero

  1. Toku Prime

    Kyuranger VS Space Squad

    So this has already taken up two pages of the Kyuranger news thread but I figured it was overdue for it's own thread instead of being hidden in the news for an old Sentai season. Hidden under the button below is a summary of all the information that had already been posted in the Kyuranger...
  2. M

    WANTED: Certain METAL HERO Seasons on DVD

    Hey! There are a few Metal Hero seasons I'm interested in on dvd-r. I'm looking for: SPACE SHERIFF SHAIDER (1984) JIKUU SENSHI SPIELBAN (1986) CHOUJINKI METALDER (1987) If you have the 2 Shaider movies and the 1 Metalder movie and are willing to burn those as well, I'm cool with that...