1. B

    Looking for Megazords

    [Buying] Looking for Megazords I am looking for the following Megazords: Zeo Megazord Super Zeo Megazord Turbo Megazord Mega Thunderzord Shogun Megzord If you have or know of anyone who is selling these please let me know. I will pay fair prices only, no outrageous prices. I will pay by...
  2. T

    Power Rangers Megazords & Others

    Just got into collecting Power Rangers after growing a bit tired of Transformers, GI Joe, and MOTUC. I have some holes to fill in my collection, so if you have anything for sale that's on this list contact me through PM or post it directly here. I am mostly looking for Megazords and some parts...
  3. TJOmega

    Old Megazords, Transformers, SNES, Genesis, PSX Games

    P O W E R R A N G E R S Most of these have sticker wear from age but nothing really bad. Any major flaws can be seen in the pictures or are otherwise noted. There's still a box of stuff I cant find as well, so there's some missing pieces here, should I find any of them after a figure is bought...