1. 0

    [BUYING] Buying G-12 Go-onger DX Megazord

    I'm very interested in purchasing the complete G-12 Megazord. Please message me if you have one for sale. I would love it if you had the boxes it came in and instructions. Thank you
  2. WhiteTigerZord

    [SELLING] Kabuto Zecters, Megazord, and More!

    Here's the bread and butter: Boxes on both are beat up / 'trading card' section cut out. Both are, to my knowledge, 100% complete and in GREAT condition. Little to no sticker peeling, and zero chrome chipping. Megazord sword is the chromed sharp point. Dragonzord Sold. No morpher, just the...
  3. 0

    [SELLING] Black and Gold Ultimate Daibouken FOR SALE!

    Hi Everyone! I would really like to sell my black and gold ultimate daibouken. It is in excellent condition and has only been displayed on my shelf! I still have the box and all of the instructions as well as the box it was originally shipped in from hlj. I just really need money right now and...
  4. 0

    SH Figuarts and More

    Hi guys! I'm looking to make some money off of stuff that i recently bought before! I'm only willing to ship to the US and I accept either paypal or cash! Please keep in mind that there will be a 2% added fee for paypal transactions. Shipping is not included and I'm also willing to do combined...
  5. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: SRC Daizyujin

    TJ Reviews: SRC Daizyujin - YouTube
  6. Power Sentai Rider

    RPM Megazords

    I am currently looking for Mach and Paleomax Megazord. I looked on all sites even Ebay. I have no luck on finding one or getting on for a decent price. I need help. First time, starting up a collection. If you know anyone who is selling or thinking of selling, let me know.
  7. I

    Iacon45's Sale Thread

    Iacon45's Sale Thread (lowered prices 2/20) I have some things I need to sell off. Right now just a few Power Rangers items but I have some Transformers stuff I will post later. I understand I am new here but I have included links to feedback threads from other sites TFW2005 Feedback thread...
  8. Endlesswaltz13

    (pic heavy) Operation Overdrive Dual Drive Megazord

    I have found my megazord on ebay for around 30 bucks shipped, a really lucky break. So, I guess this thread isn't needed anymore.
  9. B

    Looking for Megazords

    [Buying] Looking for Megazords I am looking for the following Megazords: Zeo Megazord Super Zeo Megazord Turbo Megazord Mega Thunderzord Shogun Megzord If you have or know of anyone who is selling these please let me know. I will pay fair prices only, no outrageous prices. I will pay by...
  10. Artic_Rival

    Megazord arrested for vandalism

    No joke. Video at the link. Which says that Megazord (the picture shown is Ninja Storm's Hurricane Megazord) is a bad guy in PR! Idiots! They should've known better, since this was an ABC News report!>:(