1. zeronxepher

    Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword Review - Power Rangers Megaforce

    New review~! On the Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword from Power Rangers Megaforce~!Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword Review - Power Rangers Megaforce - YouTube
  2. D

    MMPR VS MegaForce (feedback and thoughts, if you have any :) )

    Hey everyone,I was going to write a little comparison on my thoughts on the opening episode of MegaForce vs the original opening episode of MMPR, however it seemed like a fun idea to do it as a video for my review series.Anyway I'd love some thoughts from the ranger know it alls around here...
  3. zeronxepher

    Robo Morpher Review - Power Rangers MegaForce

    Quick review of the Robo Morpher. Short, funny and OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!Robo Morpher Review - Power Rangers MegaForce - YouTube
  4. K

    WHERES THE Comic con PR megaforce teaser trailer?

    >:( Okay i waited for a teaser trailer for power rangers megaforce in comic con but comic con is almost over and i still didn't see it and no news mention about it ,when will it come!Besides i want to see a preview of what the legend war of power rangers was like ,what the villains of the...
  5. K

    Gokaiger is adapted for SUPER MEGAFORCE 2014 (TAKE ACTION!)

    Ever since power rangers samurai is split into two seasons samurai (regular) and super samurai,that isn't so bad because they have their source material split into two (comedy drum beat):sweat:,But according to jefusion [[]]...