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    [BUYING] Kamen Rider Gaim Roleplay Toys

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has any of these items to sell at a reasonable price.-DX Sonic Arrow with Lemon Energy Lockseed -DX Suika Lockseed -DX Ichigo Lockseed -DX Mango Lockseed -DX Kachidoki Lockseed -DX Kiwami LockseedI would like to have them as a bundle but am flexible enough to...
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    [SELLING] Selling: Lockseeds and Figuarts.

    Hey guys! (sorry about new account I have completely forgotten my old log in @.@)I have some things I'm trying to get off my hands to make some space if anyone is interested. I would be happy to provide pictures if anyone is curious!Lock Seeds: Black Rx - 10 Den-O Climax - 10 Cherry Energy -...