1. T

    Kamen Rider W driver with Skull Magnum

    If anyone is willing to sell a w driver and a skull magnum for a good price, please respond.
  2. Horatio

    Philip Chibi-Arts Text Bubble issue!!

    PROBLEM SOLVED Thank you!! <3 Hey guys. I just cracked open my middleman package from Japan, and as I was setting up my Philip Chibi-Arts I realized something was amiss. He didn't come with his cardboard quote bubbles!! He has the stand, and everything associated with him, but they're not...
  3. Horatio

    Horatio's Youtube Channel kicked your honor student's butt.

    Hi guys! Longtime lurker first time poster, hahahahaha. I've been working on a youtube channel for the last month or so, primarily toy reviews, and I'm finally feeling confident enough to start spreading the word! Check it out here. I review primarily Kamen Rider W, Den-O, and Pokemon toys...
  4. A

    Looking for Windscale ties and Fedoras (possibly other Shotarou gear, too)

    Hey, I'm looking for some Windscale Ties and Fedoras. I've checked the website that sells Windscale clothes, and most of them are out of stock. I've also had rough luck on Yahoo Japan Auctions using the search term "Windscale." Can anyone provide me with any better leads, either better search...
  5. Savior Den-o

    ZWEI: AU Kamen Rider W FanFic Story

    those who remember, Kamen Rider W was coming to be called Kamen Rider Zwei but, Changed to W/Double for a pun on both names. I have taken the idea and making a story with 2 new heroes to became ZWei, the AU Kamen Rider W of this story. Location: Duo City ( if some one gives me a better name for...