1. zeronxepher

    [1080p] DX Kivat Belt - Kamen Rider Kiva

    Yay It's time for KIVA! [1080p] DX Kivat Belt - Kamen Rider Kiva Note: Best viewed in HD and in fullscreen
  2. Mazintigerr

    S.I.C Dark Kiva

    Located in Canada. Just wondering if anyone was willing to let go of their SIC Dark Kiva (preferably loose but complete.) I don't mind if his joints are weakened or anything. Feel free to PM me with what you want for him; thanks.
  3. UkiyaSeed

    Kamen Rider IXA Circa 1986 - The Series

    So apparently, some guy in /m/ found a fan opening sequence for a Kamen Rider IXA '86 series and because of the heated discussion about it, one fan decided to do this, edit Kamen Rider Kiva, eliminate all the 2008 scenes, edited it and made the show below you. MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching...
  4. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: SH Figuarts Emperor Kiva

    YouTube - TJ Reviews: S.H. Figuarts Emperor Kiva
  5. KamenGrappler

    HeatMetal vs. Dogga

    Who would win in a fight between W in HeatMetal form and Kiva in Dogga Form?
  6. Atlastar

    Wataru as One Piece´s Sanji

    I was very amused, when I saw this ad of Seto Koji as Sanji, avdertising the new One Piece Movie :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock: Isn´t it time for an One Piece real action movie anyway? I would totally give Koji a double part as Luffy and Sanji. And Yamamoto Yusuke would make a good Zorro...
  7. TJOmega

    IXA Calibur and Tatsulot Brace - TJ's Rehab 09

    Featuring for the first time EVER, english translation for Tatsulot's phrases! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPlhyYzLMOA