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  1. M

    errmmm KR Spirit anime soon?

    should have save the image pic showing a list of anime for Fall......and i saw KR spirit. However i think its a fake but wish to reconfirm with anyone who have any information about it. Thanks for taking in your time to read/reply.
  2. Kamen Rider Kry

    Kamen Dragon Allbreath

    http://kry-havoc.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2m3ciq (the whole first chapter is here) a preview of my Kamen Rider Decade, Spyro the Dragon cross. Cynder in a stained white dress stood in a barren field surrounded by mountains and cliffs where everything seemed to be silent. Suddenly she was...
  3. P

    Toei Heroes: Super Hero Showdown

    The Main Story: For time immemorial, the worlds of Kamen Riders and Super Sentai have remained separate from each other, leaving the heroes of each world to their own devices to combat the forces of evil. While every now and then some of the Riders team up with each other, and some of the...
  4. Tokufriends

    Tokufriends Channel

    Well, I remember the last time I came here. I was posting with the nick Guyferd (and I must have lost the account or something like that, because my e-mail doesn´t match) But I´d like to introduce to you our channel (as long of our website are not in English yet ¬¬ )...