kamen rider kiva

  1. ForeverRed

    Kamen Rider Kiva - Discussion Thread [TVN Spoilers]

    I know it's one week before Kiva starts. I just want to make one to discuss the new Kamen Rider series. Kurenai Wataru, a young man who plays the violin, is destined to become Kamen Rider Kiva and fight the Fangaia. A recluse with only a handful of friends, Wataru fights the Fangaia knowing...
  2. D

    Kamen Rider Kiva Episode Summaries and Spoilers thread

    Here's what we have so far for the rest of January: FINAL STORY (Episode 48): Title- Finale:Kiva ki tsugu mono (Finale: The Person Who Inherits Kiva) Airs- 1/18/08 Summary- In the present, Wataru has become the King of the Fangire, and the Arms Monsters have vowed to follow him. Nago wants...