kamen rider build

  1. MagusKaizer

    Modifying the DX Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Tank FullFull Bottle

    I really doubt this will get any attention with how dead the sight has been as of late but I was wondering if anyone out there has tried to modify the Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Tank Full Full Bottle so the switch, or trigger for the sounds isn't so flipping sensitive, if anyone has any tips or...
  2. mynameissport

    Be The One English Cover (Kamen Rider Build opening) (By Caroline Gordon)

    Herewith Caroline Gordon's English cover of Be The One taken from Kamen Rider Build which was produced by myself, piano by kuroto2000 and graphics from byuda11 and unknowchaser. Viewable below: Comments and feedback is welcome. Feel free to share and support if you like.