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    [SELLING] Ultra goods from my personal collection

    Hey, folks, hope you all are well. I have some items I want to sell off. Primarily Ultra series items, but a few Magma Taishi as well. I posted pics on my Angelfire page http://www.angelfire.com/pa4/audiblevideo if you want to take a look. Not looking to trade, only sell. Past couple years...
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    [SELLING] neca leatherback and knifehead kaiju 40 shipped for both

    neca leatherback and knifehead kaiju 35 shipped for both 20$ shipped for leatherback, 20$ shipped for knifhead or 35 for both
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    KAIJU COMBAT! (Kickstarters)

    WHAT IS KAIJU COMBAT? Kaiju Combat is the final word in giant-monster battle games. It takes the core team & technology from the Pipeworks/Atari Godzilla fighting games, and merges them with the design input & creative output of our amazing fans. Game Features: 1-4 player battles in...
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    NDS Kaiju Busters Powered - Ultra monsters, Fake Ultras & Kaiser Belial!

    Anyone played the first game? Though everyone said this is MonHun rip-off.. :disappoin But it does some unique stuff than MH does not have, Release on January 20, 2011. Trailer YouTube - Kaiju Busters Powered PV (NDS) Gameplay, versus Nise Ultraman YouTube - Kaiju Busters...