1. UkiyaSeed

    Kamen Rider IXA Circa 1986 - The Series

    So apparently, some guy in /m/ found a fan opening sequence for a Kamen Rider IXA '86 series and because of the heated discussion about it, one fan decided to do this, edit Kamen Rider Kiva, eliminate all the 2008 scenes, edited it and made the show below you. MEGAVIDEO - I'm watching...
  2. Kevthepanda

    SHF: Kamen Rider Ixa

    Now, this figure was not something I initially intended to get. But having heard a lot of hype for this guy, plus the fact that I pre-ordered a Rising Ixa, I decided that I may as well take Ixa home to see what all the fuss is about. S.H. Figuarts’s Kamen Rider Ixa comes with a good deal of...