1. G

    DX Ongeki Kan Set (Kamen Rider Hibiki)

    I'm back looking for the last piece for my Hibiki Set. (for now.) Today I'm looking to pick up the DX Ongeki Kan Set, Kamen Rider Ibuki's weapon from the Hibiki series. I'm looking for an item in good condition, box with inserts included. (the box's condition doesn't matter, as long as it...
  2. G

    Kamen Rider Hibiki DX Ongeki Bou Set

    EDIT: I've got my seller. Thanks for the offers. I may be looking for an Ongeki Kan soon too, so I'll make a new topic if that's the case. Hello again, all. So I can finally stop saying "I have every main Rider belt from Blade up except Hibiki", I'd like to get the Ongeki Bou set. (The belt and...
  3. Ryuga_knight

    Hibiki Onsa Onkaku

    I've been looking for the Kamen rider Hibiki, DX Onsa Onkaku (turning fork) for a while, so if you have the Onsa Onkaku or know where I can get one for 25 dollars or less please contact me, thank you.
  4. heroizumi

    S.I.C.匠魂SPECIAL 2nd random box Hibiki figures

    S.I.C.Takumi-Damashi SPECIAL 2nd random box Hibiki figures Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any of the Hibiki figures from this set other than Todoroki that they're selling. I'm most interested in Zanki and Hibiki. I'd also be interested in unopened boxes if anyone has any. Here's a...