1. Toku Prime

    Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

    Tsuburaya has announced a new youtube mini-series called "Ultra Galay Fight: New Generation Heroes", which will be made available worldwide simultaneously in both Japanese and English! The show will begin on Sunday the 29th of September and a new episode will be released each week at 10am JST...
  2. syer1001

    Favourite Random Couple in Tokusatsu and Others

    Just bored and I had a dangerous mind of cross-over stuff. In order to destroy that stuff in my mind, I have made this weird poll for you guys. If it becomes popular, I might as well make a story about it and post it in FanFiction.net...
  3. P

    No Japanese Heroes?

    Okay, I've recently heard something that really upset me and I feel like this is the perfect place to air my grievance. This person does a segment on an anime podcast (though he's primarily an American comic book fan) and on his most recent segment he said several things which (forgive my...