1. G

    Emergency: Kamen Rider Clips on Youtube Disappearing

    Okay it's not that big of a deal, but I can no longer find certain Kamen Rider clips on Youtube that I saw in 2007. I wonder if they were deleted because of the low video quality. Anyway, I feel bad for the newbs who can no longer have the same resources as I did back in 2007 when I was able to...
  2. G3nTigerFan

    If you have a custom kamen rider...which real rider will you meet??

    I bet all of you have your own custom kamen riders with super and cool features on him/her....now when your custom rider meet a real rider from the series who would it be?? and give it a little story!!
  3. C

    Five henshin sequences you can't wait for Gokaiger to recreate

    We've seen the Gokaiger recreate the Magiranger and Dekranger henshin sequences. What are five henshin sequences are you anticipating for them to recreate in the guest senshi episodes? For me it would be: 1) Ohranger 2) Timeranger 3) Changeman 4) Flashman (I wonder how they would do the...
  4. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: Triple Change Belt vol3

    YouTube - TJ Reviews: Triple Change Henshin Belt Volume 3
  5. Darkster

    The Most Epic Henshin

    Which are the most epic transformations you've seen? They can be from Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Ultra Series, Super Sentai, or any tokusatsu that has a henshin sequence. The two top ones I've seen are from Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost and from Kamen Rider Double. #1: Kamen Rider Faiz vs...