1. Toku Prime

    Hasbro Buys Power Rangers

    When Hasbro took over the master toy license for Power Rangers it was revealed that the deal included an option to buy the franchise outright, and today Hasbro has announced that it has done just that. Hasbro and Saban have signed "a definitive agreement" for Hasbro to buy Power Rangers and a...
  2. Toku Prime

    BoA no longer producing Power Ranger toys?!

    Saban Brands and Bandai of America have released a joint statement today: "After a successful 25-year partnership building the iconic action franchise, Power Rangers, Saban Brands and Bandai have mutually agreed not to renew their global Power Rangers master toy license agreement, effective...
  3. firestarter1331

    War for Cybertron Deluxe Cybertronian Megatron

    YouTube - ‪Toy Review: War for Cybertron Deluxe Cybertronian Megatron‬‏