1. hakaider

    [BUYING] Seeking Candy toys/Minipla (Boukenger & Goseiger mainly)

    Looking to by a few candy toys/minipla models, including: Goseiger Mystic Brother (green ostrich) Boukenger GoGo Jet Boukenger DaiVoyager Still in box would be ideal, obviously, but I'm happy to buy pre-assembled stuff if the stickers look decent. If you have anything Go-Onger or Gekiranger...
  2. P

    What's so bad about Goseiger?

    I been hearing people say that Goseiger sucks in many ways, personally, I don't see it, I've watched all the episodes and the movies, and loved them, can you guys tell me why does it suck, I would really love to know.
  3. TJOmega

    Easy-Print Goseiger/Miracle Force Cards

    So a fan was nice enough to send me a Korean Tensouder and to make the most of their kindness, I produced some printable fake cards to get all the noises. So imagine my surprise/annoyance when I found out that, out of Goseiger's 94 possible bar codes, Miracle Force only has 31. No need for my...
  4. N

    Looking for Leon Cellular (+Laser)

    CLOSED! Looking for Leon Cellular (+Laser) I have up for trade 2 things in particular. The Birth Driver and Birth Buster. I'm doing a one for one. If you also have the Leon Laser w/Vulcan Header, then I'll do a two for two. PM me for information, pics, and offers. I ship within the US only via...
  5. Gothictsukasa

    Goseigers' powers/existent

    How the Goseigers be still alive after they sacrifice their powers to wipe out the first invasion's armada in the Great Legend War but when Brajira stole his teammate's power and they disappeared...? Did they didn't completely sacrifice their powers in the Great Legend War...?
  6. zeronxepher

    [1080p] Tensouder - Tensou Sentai Goseiger

    Welcome to the fourth entry of my Super Sentai Month :3 There will be new videos out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the end of the month. Enjoy! [1080p] Tensouder - Tensou Sentai Goseiger Best Viewed in HD an in Full Screen.
  7. zeronxepher

    [1080p] Leon Laser - Tensou Sentai Goseiger

    Welcome to the third video of my Super Sentai Month which I am featuring on my channel! Make sure to check out the other sentai toys I reviewed for Sentai month: Shodo phone and Leon Cellular. More sentai toys on the way, every monday, wednesday, and friday! [1080p] Leon Laser - Tensou Sentai...
  8. zeronxepher

    [1080p] Leon Cellular - Tensou Sentai Goseiger

    Day two of Super Sentai Month and it's Leon Cellular! [1080p] Leon Cellular - Tensou Sentai Goseiger Note: best viewed in HD as much as possible as well as fullscreen
  9. Tenraisenpuujin

    Mini-Pla/Model Kit Shinken-Oh & Gosei Great, Black Versions

    I apologize for some of the pics, my camera has just not been cooperating at all. But here are my latest paintjobs: KuroOrigami in emblem mode KuroOrigami in animal mode KuroShinkenOh! Black GoseiMachines Gosei Great Black Version The high kick test: passed Shinkenger vs. Goseiger...