1. B

    [SELLING] Ganbaride Cards *PERFECT CONDITON*

    Hello there! I am selling some ganbaride cards ranging from series 1 to series OOO 1. I also have a couple of limited edition cards up for a cheap price! The cards I have include Normal, Rare, Special, Super Rare, Legend Rare and limited edition J cards as well as some limited foil cards. If...
  2. MagusKaizer

    Kamen Rider Decade Ganbaride cards

    well I'm pretty much trying to find out what all the cards were originally but for now I pretty much just need a list of all the kamen ride, attack ride, form ride, and final form ride cards so I know which cards to look for I've tried looking for them myself but had little luck so no one please...
  3. japanman932


    IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP ME IN MAKING CUSTOM GANBARIDE CARDS? I have templates, and I know how to crop images in PS, but I do not know how to go about fitting them into the backgrounds of the card in photoshop? Can someone help me? Can someone make a tutorial? I am using photpshop CS5.
  4. SanyuMiyazaki

    Attack Ride: Decade Blast, Illusion, & Invisible Ganbaride Cards

    Does anyone have any of these that they are willing to sell? I plan on doing a Tsukasa Kadoya costume, and I would like to have these cards to be as accurate as possible, even if they are rather difficult to obtain. The cards must be compatible with the DX DecaDriver. I'll pay up to $20 for all...
  5. TJOmega

    TJ Reviews: Ganbaride Memory

    Was going to save this for the end of the Double reviews, but since those got delayed so badly I figured I'd go ahead and show this one off. TJ Reviews: (Transmission Recovered) - YouTube
  6. zeronxepher

    [1080p] Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride Official Binder Vol.8 with Medal Holders

    This isn't really a role play toy but it's a great substitute for the medal holder as it holds 16 medals and several ganbaride cards YouTube - [1080p] Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride Official Binder Vol.8 with Medal Holders Note: Best viewed in HD at full screen.
  7. zero26

    Kamen Ride:Skull Ganbaride

    I'm looking to buy the Kamen Ride Skull card like the one shown in the Double x Decade movie. If you want to sell it please pm your price. Also looking for other random Kamen Ride cards.
  8. M


    For a couple months now I have been buying off of e-bay the Decade Ganbaride cards and being a colector want to get a full set of each set, the movie cards and the spcial W cards. I have most of set 4 but I am missing some of them. I have only 3 extras right now, No.4-005, No.4-016 and...