1. Y

    Tabletop Let's Play Card Game Adventure of Heroes

    Let's play card game Adventure of Heroes (h e r o g o . m e) !
  2. MrCoffeeAddict

    Soul Calibur V Kamen Riders

    Wasn't sure where to put this thread, but this place seemed the most appropriate. For those you who are fans of the Soul series, the latest entry has an awesome amount of stuff you can do in the character creation. Here's the Kamen Riders I've created. Kabuto Sasword Gattack Femme...
  3. K

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact

    Anyone else buying this game its for the PSP and its too bad that Generations(eww PS360 game) will get the Kages assist and Impact won't, but the game still looks amazing
  4. K

    Black * Rock Shooter

    Is anyone else buying this game? I'm buying the Limited Edition, Also anyone watched the OVA I did it was awesome
  5. Mr G

    Game of Thrones on HBO - Talk up!

    Links HBO Official Site Making Game of Thrones The Maester's Path (virtual tour of the Wall) GRRM's Blog Trailers Game Of Thrones "The Game Begins" Preview (HBO) Game Of Thrones "Poison" Trailer (HBO) Game Of Thrones "Power" Trailer (HBO) Specials Making of Game of Thrones Game of Thrones...
  6. K

    Climax Hereos OOO

    So I was thinking of getting the PSP version so would it be worth it, I mean I love W and hes in the game and im starting to watch OOO, but anyhow should I get this game or is there any chance that the next game will be out soon and on the PSP
  7. Zeoranger

    [RELEASE] Power Rangers RPM FMV game

    For anybody thats played our other Power Rangers FMV games you'll know how this works. Play as the RPM rangers to defeat the Grinders and an evil Venjix Attack Bot by pressing the correct buttons as they appear on-screen. Available from Rapidshare. Jungle Fury, Operation Overdrive and Dino...
  8. xxxKrissKrossxxx

    Shinkenger Game...wth?!

    (if this thread is posted in the wrong category, I apologize and feel free to move it.) Okay so I was looking around the net for some epic Shinkenger photos to help inspire my next art piece (lol!). That is when I stumbled upon this! What is it?! Where can I play and/ or view this?!?!?! Is...