1. Kagami116

    [BUYING] Gaia Memory Glitter Stickers

    Hello, I was wondering where I could get some glitter stickers that are used to put on gaia memories. Please PM a price or leave a response if you know where to get some. Thanks!
  2. Kagami116

    Dopant Gaia Memory Build (Clay)

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd make a dopant gaia memory out of clay because I thought that the toy versions weren't as accurate as the T.V Prop versions. This is also my first time working with clay but I tried. WARNING: ENORMOUS PICTURES Purchased some clay from a local craft store...
  3. TJOmega

    Gaia Memories (Capsule, DX Fang)

    Just throwing this out there just in case, I'm trying to finish off my Gaia Memory collection with a few that I let slip passed me. If anyone's got spares or is willing to thin out their collection, please let me know. Right now I need the following: Memory Gadgets: Stag Phone Spider Shock...
  4. T

    Want Gaia Memories

    Hey. I thought I should make a more targeted thread for this since random searches didn't help a whole lot. I'm looking for a few specific gaia memories: Trigger Joker Metal Heat Cyclone Luna Dopant Memories: OLD generic Not particular on whether I get candy/dx/usb/etc, but...
  5. Vangelus

    The Gaia Memory Thread: Choose Your Addiction: DX, Candy or Capsule

    I didn't see a comprehensive thread about these, and considering the sheer number of them out there now, I thought it might be worth putting together. Lots of this comes from ShukuenShinobi's blog: http://shukuenshinobi.wordpress.com/ Buying and Batteries If you want to replace any batteries...