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  1. Toku Prime

    GARO: Kami no Kiba (the movie)

    So, OverTime snuck a sub of this film out last week, just in time for the new TV series which begins this Thursday. It's a movie of many things; A warm-up for Jinga's solo TV show, a sequel to Gold Storm, a culmination of all Ryuga's adventures so far, the first time Ryuga himself has...
  2. T

    Nightwing Director Praises DCEU Approach Over Marvel Approach

    Todd Black submitted a pop geeks news article Nightwing Director Praises DCEU Approach Over Marvel Approach Continue reading the original pop geeks news article.
  3. D

    derekwc presents: History of Comics On Film

    My screen name is derekwc, hence the derekwc presents. I was mainly inspired by James Rolfe and his Monster Madness Cinemasscre Reviews (also the Godzilla ones are pretty fun too!). I wanted to focus mainly on comic books adapted into tv shows and films. Kind of short synopsis and review with...
  4. J

    Help Support Indie American Tokusatsu!

    Greetings fellow tokusatsu fans! My name is Carey Martell and I'm creating a tokusatsu-style film in the vein of Kamen Rider, called Deathfist Ninja GKaiser. You can hear more about the project here Basically I am looking for people who are interesting in helping support the production...