episode 49

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  1. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Build, Episode 49: "The World Build Created"

    Well, this is the end of the line. One final battle. One final dedication to "Love and Peace!" Then it's all in for a Ryuki-style ending but at least our heroes can remember their achievements, before looping back to their first drive together from the first episode, and one final reveal that...
  2. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Ghost - Episode 49: "Infinite! The Power of People!"

    Aww yeah the three of them are gonna deliver a beatdown together...where are you going Takeru? This week: The Ganmaizers kindly turn night into day to make filming easier, some dude on a BMX, a giant CGI cyclops, oh yeah Javert is still in this show (seriously, how many of these thread openings...