episode 39

  1. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 39

    Of course not, gamers know nothing about the opposite sex. This week: The Emperor's other mask becomes a marksman Marrskman, is buying a ring for a girl made of rocks like their version of getting them a pet?, proof that the Kiramagers' visors have some vision enhancement tech within them, the...
  2. Toku Prime

    Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 39: "I'll Bet On This"

    I've seen 'The Incredibles', I know that capes and jet engine intakes are a bad idea. This week: Probably one of the biggest story developments of the series, as it's revealed that Zamigo's frozen victims aren't killed but captured somewhere, it turns out Noel has never encountered the ice man...
  3. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Build, Episode 39: "The Unstoppable Genius"

    Behold the king on his throne of bottles This week: Takumi has to learn the value of friendship, Seito finally goes with a standard invasion plan, Takumi gets his own transformation sequence and roll call announcement rather than using Sento's, Takumi and Sento finally mentally merge into one...
  4. Toku Prime

    Uchū Sentai Kyuranger, Space 39: "The Adventure in the Perseus System"

    Spada reacts to Stinger's singing with exactly the same expression I did. This week: We'll I'd call it a 'cast member shows off their talent' episode but does it really count when the episode straight-up says how terrible they are at it? Anyway every third anime nowadays is a "person gets...
  5. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 39: "Goodbye Me!"

    So which one of us is the final boss? It's been a few weeks, but with potentially as few as four episodes remaining in the main story after this one, and a lot of things like Taiga and Hiiro's rivalry getting wrapped up, it seems like the time to get back on the horse. So, this week: Parad's...
  6. Toku Prime

    Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 39: "Calories and a Necklace"

    The Kamen Rider Birth merchandise is over there... This week: delicious food is fattening, a familiar face guest stars, milking Uncle Mario, Misao gets jealous, electric mayo, and cake makes everything better.
  7. Toku Prime

    Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Shinobi 39: "The Son of Kibaoni, Mangetsu, Appears!"

    Oh hey, you know how Kasumi is the only member of this cast that people seem to like? Maybe we should give her something to do? Kibaoni's son has finally arrived and he's after the sweet, sweet taste of ninja fear. Also, Kasumi gets so mad she remembers that PeonMaru, UFOmaru and Surfermaru all...