episode 16

  1. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 16

    UH! Pen-Pineapple-Apple_Pen! This week: "30 years of misunderstanding, and the unrequited feelings behind them..." and to the surprise of no-one, this was indeed written by someone called Inoue. Not the infamous Toshiki Inoue but the unrelated (as far as I can tell) Tete Inoue. I guess it just...
  2. Toku Prime

    Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 16: "Because We're Friends"

    Such villainy! This week: We got us an ol' fashioned body swap episode! The villain's master plan is to pick up chicks, the police are apparently not bothered by a grown man hanging out with schoolgirls, it all boils down to a duel, Red saves Blue's life by almost blowing his own fingers off...
  3. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Build, Episode 16: "The Weaponized Hero"

    Buy our theme tune! The last part is sung in English! Err...I may have been under the mistaken impression that I'd already made this thread. Whoops! Anyway, it seems Christmas is cancelled as Sento comes to terms with his freshly-revealed true identity, Banjou once again grapples with 'the...
  4. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - Episode 16: "The Paradox of M's Defeat"

    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! This week: Let's scream the details of a patient's illness out in a public area, it seems they're giving up on personalised item containers and just littering the area with circular item props, no more Brave for a while, Para-DX completes an operation...
  5. Toku Prime

    Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 16: "Find the Zyuman!"

    You see this Leo? This is what happens if you keep letting humans touch your tail. This episode: Animal cosplayers are being kidnapped, Moo! Yamato becomes Zyuoh Chicken, Moo! Naria has nunchucks, Moo! Nothing says "happy ending" quite like animal people hanging from ropes, Moo!