1. S

    [SELLING] GOGO V Region 2 DVDs Vol 1 to Vol 8

    These were opened but never used. These are Region 2 (japan) DVDs and will only play in region 2 players, not standard North American players. $175 for the set, shipping extra. Shipping from Canada. Will only ship to US and Canada dues to unreasonable Canada Post rates.
  2. MaxRebo120

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider V3 DVD Boxset (Generation Kikaida)

    Hello there! I'd be interested in obtaining a Kamen Rider V3 DVD set by Generation Kikaida. I originally intended on buying one during their sale, but it appears I am too late. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition or anything, as long as the discs all work fine. I'd like to spend no more...
  3. T

    Or Sale: Rider Sentai Ranger Pony +More Want Saber+W+More

    Hello All. My apartment is getting full, so I figured I"d try to part with a few things from my "acquired but not necessarily collecting" pile and the "no longer want" pile, and maybe get some cash or items I actually want. I'm in the USA, but will ship worldwide. If you want a shipping...