1. krdragonedge

    rider hunting dopants

    hey any one got extra dopant gaia memory mainly edge nasca throw i be happy with any as long as it is in the cool museum mold
  2. P

    "Weather" Dopant Memory

    hi guys, I'm currently looking for a Weather Dopant Memory ( not the T2 gaia memory version ). I'd like to make this as a birthday present for my bro :thumbs: Uploaded with ImageShack.us If anyone wants to sell the Quetzalcoatlus memory just like in the pic, I'm also interested. Please...
  3. hopewithinchaos

    Kamen Rider W and OOO's Toys!

    EMERGENCY SALE THREAD. Kamen Rider Decade, W, OOO's Toys Even though Items are listed Used, I have taken care of them and have no scratches, dents, chips, or dings. I will provided additional pictures on request. All Prices are listed WITH Shipping. Meaning Domestic shipping Is included in...
  4. DECADE5

    Dopant Claim Thread

    Folowing the tradition set by FuuNoKami Saka (Kamen Rider Claim Thread), ClimaxHeroDen-O (Super Sentai Claim Thread) and arnoldmcguire335 (Metal Hero Claim Thread), I give you the "Dopant Claim Thread", from Kamen Rider W (Double). I think you know the rules, but nevermind: 1. Only one dopant...
  5. Kevthepanda

    S.H. Figuarts: Weather Dopant

    Shinkuro Isaka / the Weather Dopant is a re-occurring villain from Kamen Rider W, featured prominently towards the middle of the series, and is the third Kaijin to be given the S.H. Figuarts treatment. Weather Dopant is a Tamashii Web Exclusive figure released in the December of 2010. Let’s...
  6. MetaRidleyX

    Kamen Rider W DX Double Driver/Dopant Memory

    I have attained a Metal Shaft for $35 shipped, so this has sparked me to get the other roleplay toys i want. I know these are high demand items as is, but I figured there is no harm in simply asking. So, if anyone has either the DX Dopant Memory or the Double Driver or could point in the...