1. J

    The Flashback Interview: Laura Summer

    Johnny Caps submitted a new blog post The Flashback Interview: Laura Summer Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  2. StealthRUSH

    Original 1997 Digivice - Yellow

    Digimon: The Original Digital Monster Original Digivice 1997 Neon Green Skeleton Edition. Tested, Working, like new - missing original keychain. $50 OBO I can ship to US/CAN - $5USD for delivery with tracking number. Shipping Worldwide price varies. I accept paypal. I have feedback on...
  3. S

    Digimon Digivice(s) (D3, D-Power, D-Ark, D-Power, D-Tector, + more!)

    SELLING Digimon Digivice(s) (D2, D3, D-Power, D-Tector) UPDATE 9/10/12: I'm brand new to this thread for the purpose of selling my digivice collection. I have a TON of gently used digivices for sale. They have all been tested and they work perfectly. If you're interested in a particular...
  4. SuperOniBlue

    [CASTING CALLS] ~Digimon~ ♠♦♣♥Royal Chaos♥♣♦♠

    Digiworld Story Since the dawn of the first computer, the Digital World existed. Within a century, the 'DigiWorld' grew to be as large and complex as our own. The world became filled with sentiant beings known as Digimon. Life was peaceful. However not for long. Like our world, the Digiworld...
  5. N

    Japanese Digimon adventure 02 Digi armor Figures

    hello everyone, I'm right now looking for the following figures, The veemon with digi egg of courage set, Armadillomon with digi egg of Knowledge set, Patamon with digi egg of Hope set, and the digi eggs of Friendship reliability and miracles digi egg accessory sets. All of the ones I'm looking...
  6. C

    Where do you rank Xros Wars?

    With only 4 episodes left of Digimon Xros Wars, where do you rank it amongst the Digimon seasons? For me, I think Xros Wars is pretty good but tends to stumble when it shouldn't. Examples: Taiki's backstory, Kiriha's constant wishywashiness and 'Imma do this my own way' attitude before the...
  7. WC21

    [SELLING] Rolling Sales from Wheelchair21

    Hey everyone! Herotaku/Rajio Nihon/Youtube's Wheelchair21 here coming at you to sell stuff. Please keep in mind that International Shipping Fees do apply so please keep that in Consideration if you are living outside of the US. Note: Newest Items will always be at the top. Candy Toy -...
  8. MetaRidleyX

    Digimon, Zoids and Megaman

    Hello all! I am involved with a secret santa with my group of friends and since the friend I got is a somewhat avid toy collector I'd like to get her a toy gift of some sort. So, if anyone has any toys they want to sell to me from either of these three categories that would be great: 1...
  9. A

    D-Arts Thread - News and Reviews

    No one making the thread. I will, I'm a big fan of Digimon. :) A long time since the prototype of Omegamon action figure was announced. Finally we got a pictures of D-Arts Omegamon along with War Greymon & Metal Garurumon at Bandai Tamashi Festival 2010! By altaisen at 2010-08-06 I...