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  1. TJOmega

    Figuarts Decade - TJ's Rehab 08
  2. Artic_Rival

    Decade: Like or Dislike?

    Now that Decade is over, what do you think of Decade as a whole? Here's what I think of it PROS * It's a celebration of all things rider, complete with returning riders, mythology gags, and many more. * The fact that the episodes don't have any pointless episodes. Even the Shinkenger...
  3. SasukeKenzan

    Sasuke's Reviews

    You'll be shocked at how many things(well, not as much as the rest here) I cram inside 2 shelves...
  4. T

    S.H. Figuarts - Masked Rider Decade

    Hey guys. This is gonna be my first post on these forums as well as my first review of anything tokusatsu related, so please go easy on me! Also, I took these pictures as soon as I got the figure, and as I'm on a homestay in Japan at the moment, I don't have background to work with. I also...
  5. ZeroXOmega

    [eBay]Kamen Rider Decade Belt + RideBooker + K-Touch

    Check it out, guys and girls. I've run into some financial trouble as of late and I'm going to have to end up selling something I find most dear to me, at the moment. Really... the more I can get, the better...