1. B

    My handmade Toku Props

    Hi guys! Hope this is the right section for this topic >< Here i'll show you all the toku props made by me, for me and on commission. Feel free to tell me what do you think,opinions and critics are well accepted :thumbs: If you like them support my fb page (...
  2. MorphinMike

    Dosik Lens' Ranger / Henshin Hero cosplay group photo shoot - Katsucon 2015

    Hey everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m Mike, hense the name "MorphinMike", haha! Though I haven't been super active, so... oops. >< Sorry! But anyway, I'm also known as Dosik Lens (<--- facebook link) in the cosplay / photography world. If you'd like to see some examples, here are...
  3. TheMMOFifty

    Kamen Rider Eyes (How are they made?)

    I have wondered for a good while about how to the eyes of a Kamen Rider Helmet are made. I have guessed a special mold and resin or something of that sort, but I have found no exact information on how the eyes are actually made. Since I did a cosplay of Kamen Rider Ichigo (seen here...
  4. TheMMOFifty

    Kamen Rider Cosplay (Please Help!)

    Ok, going to put an open question out there. Does anyone have any info on how the eyes of a Kamen Rider helmet are made? The actual bug eye parts mind you. I would have guessed a resin poured into a special mold, but I have had zero luck on finding the specifics. I am trying to make a costume...
  5. eddietai78

    [BUYING] Wanted:Sentai Dynaman Helmet Cosplay

    Looking for someone who's good at making sentai cosplay helmets. Not the expensive $300.00 type, cheaper but still good quality. Such as using cardboard, paper mache and spray paint. I have no talent whatsoever. This is a serious inquiry. I'm wanting a dyna blue helmet. I will send my...
  6. H

    Little Tokyo Parade featuring Tokusatsu Cosplayers

    No joke either, Anime Jungle is currently looking for people to cosplay as Tokusatsu legends such as Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Kikaider for a parade in Little Tokyo Los Angeles next month (August). If you are interested you should call 213-621-1661 and ask for Tetsu.