1. Toku Prime

    Marvel To Create New Ultraman Comics

    As just announced at Tokyo Comic Con (and afterwards in press released on both Tsuburaya and Marvel's websites), Marvel have partnered with Tsuburaya to create brand new comics and graphic novels based upon the Ultraman franchise, which will start coming out from next year. According to the...
  2. T

    Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Gets Praise

    Todd Black submitted a new blog post Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Gets Praise Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  3. RiderScoutJordan

    Tokusatsu/Comic Books Crossovers You'd Want To See

    Exactly what is says on the tin. just talk about series,heroes and villains you'd want to see crossover with each other. For me, I'd love to see the Green Lanterns fight alongside the Space Sheriffs. Two space cop divisions fighting against whatever evil is threatening the universe. Hal...
  4. D

    derekwc presents: History of Comics On Film

    My screen name is derekwc, hence the derekwc presents. I was mainly inspired by James Rolfe and his Monster Madness Cinemasscre Reviews (also the Godzilla ones are pretty fun too!). I wanted to focus mainly on comic books adapted into tv shows and films. Kind of short synopsis and review with...