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    I think i know what will happen in Locke and key Alpha 2

    Due to the real happenings of Locke and key Alpha 2 this one is deleted
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    Is Adam Warrens superheroine empowered a shrinking violet?

    Guys I have a problem the tvtrope thinks that Empowered the super heroine created by Adam warren is not a shrinking violet i tried to make them understand but they don't believe me so let me get this straight is emp really a shrinking violet I mean she is usually blushed and get embarrassed...
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    What if the final issue of the walking dead is all rick grimes coma to the afterlife.

    I know its unrealated to the henshin heroes thing,But i just thought about the ending in the walking dead comic series ( that zombie comic book series ) or as i consider what might be a twist ending,What if in the final issue that rick grimes fight the whole zombies alone (now that everyone is...